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Learn what to EAT and how to HEAL from autoimmunity.  

Hey there! I’m Georgia, a Holistic Health Coach specializing in autoimmune nutrition and whole body healing. In the deepest part of my soul, I believe one thing to be true about autoimmune disease: your body is NOT attacking itself. Struggling with an autoimmune condition? No need to do this alone. I’ll teach you what to eat and how to heal. 

Cappello's Summer Pizza

Cappello’s Summer Pesto Pizza

Cappello's Summer Pesto Pizza I’m always up for pizza. Well…that is unless it’s 95 in Denver and I’m in my ...
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Golden Detox Drink

Golden Detox Drink and Inviting People In

I have struggled with not wanting to burden those around me with the diseases my body fights off for me ...
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Lyme Disease

A Letter to Lyme

January 26, 2018 Dear Lyme Disease, We’ve been through a lot together. And I have to be honest here-you have put ...
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