Nutrition Consulting

I guide clients through the journey of whole-body healing. I specialize in autoimmune disorders. I also help clients lose weight, achieve optimal gut health, navigate food sensitivities, inflammation, and small nutritional changes that can lead to big life changes!

Depending on your needs, I will teach you how to detox, love, feed and treat your body. You will receive guidance on the best nutrition for your body, individualized meal plans, and access to all my ebooks. My autoimmune clients can gain an understanding of the complexities of chronic illness.

I offer 45-minute sessions via Skype, phone, or in person.  Real nutritional and lifestyle change occurs over time and with commitment. Clients can sign up for a five-session package for a rate discounted rate of $399 or purchase individual 45-minute sessions for $90.

Clients may also opt-in for a 20-minute “check-in” session for $45. After a completed five-session package, clients may or may not continue to work with me and pay for single sessions rather than completing another four-week program.

I offer free email support in between sessions. 

Still have questions about what I can do for you? Feel free to give me a call, free of charge.  Head to my contact page and sign up to work with me today.


Dragon fruit Smoothie Bowl

Hey there! I’m Georgia, a certified Holistic Health Coach. I practice individualized, holistic nutrition, one on one with clients. I specialize in autoimmune nutrition and whole-body healing. I love helping clients with their gut health, inflammation, food sensitivities, weight loss, meal plans, or even just baby steps for a healthier life! Wherever you are on your nutrition journey I am here to help. 

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